Artists:  Dilip Oinam, Sandeep Jigdung,  Deenabandhu Marndi
  Convention Foyer, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Time:  11 am- 8 pm
Date: 28th-30th June, 2013


The Kolorbox is pleased to present Strokes from the East, its first ever exhibition featuring artists from Assam, Manipur and Orissa. Even as many of the works bring alive the local milieu associated with the places of the artists’ birth and growth, the exhibition essentially captures the nuances and diversity of human experience across space and time. The exhibition will showcase works of 3 promising artists from the East in its first edition.


Oinam Dilip (Manipur):

A prolific artist known for his larger than life solitary figures, mostly that of a boy, a girl, a woman or a couple, predominantly drawn from mythology and his personal experience, he loves to play with a colour palette that primarily comprises earthy, bold red and coppery browns. The multi-layered, complex and painstaking treatments in his works enhance the element of drama.

Sandeep Jigdung (Assam):

His works predominantly reflect his experiences of the place of his birth. The vivid and dominating greens in his canvas can almost be considered as a tribute to his vision and impression of the North-East. His current series of work, again characterized by shades of green, is a celebration of both nature and human existence.

Dinabandhu Marndi (Orissa):

His realistic depiction of people and faces, mostly using photo ink, elucidates the finer nuances of the human condition especially in the margins. His take on art is said to have a semi-autobiographical resonance. He is believed to draw from his memories and experiences of growing up in rural Orissa to articulate his humanistic view of life.




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