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Our Story

Our Story

We are passionate about nurturing a vibrant community of artists and making high-quality artworks more accessible to art lovers and buyers. Our platform features a carefully curated selection of artworks from our stable of artists, ranging from stunning landscapes to thought-provoking abstract pieces and works that comment on society. We are committed to providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent and established artists to reach a wider audience. We work closely with both individual buyers and institutional partners to explore the transformative power of art and inspire new avenues for personal and social change. Our love for art is what drives us, and we are constantly evolving alongside the artists we represent.

Our Way

We pride ourselves on offering carefully curated artworks on our platform that cater to the diverse aesthetic preferences of our clients. Our team carefully selects each piece based on its unique style, quality, and creativity, ensuring that our collection is both impressive and diverse.

Healthy Art Ecosystem
We see ourselves as vital intermediaries in the art market ecosystem. Our goal is not just to promote and showcase the work of our artists, but to create a healthy and thriving art ecosystem that benefits everyone involved. We create opportunities for artists and art lovers to interact, exchange ideas, and acquire new knowledge and artwork.

We understand that artwork pricing can be a sensitive issue for both artists and buyers. That’s why we carefully evaluate the value of each artwork on our platform, considering factors impacting the cultural and economic value. We then price each piece accordingly, ensuring that it is accessible to our patrons and prospects without sacrificing its artistic quality.

We understand that the art world can be overwhelming, particularly for those new to the industry. That’s why we offer art consultancy services to help artists and art buyers achieve their goals.

Our Team

We are a close-knit team of passionate individuals who share a deep love and appreciation for the world of art. Our team brings together a wealth of experience from the art world, design, and management, allowing us to offer a unique perspective and a broad range of services to our artists and clients.

In addition, we have established relationships with a panel of artists and a network of art world professionals who are associated with us. This allows us to offer a wide range of services, from art consultancy and curation to marketing and promotion.

We are based in both Washington DC (US) and Delhi (India), giving us a global perspective and allowing us to serve artists and clients from around the world. We are committed to fostering a collaborative and supportive environment that allows us to work together seamlessly and deliver support to artists and art buyers.