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A heart on the sleeve

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This painting is a mesmerizing exploration of the fragile balance between the spiritual, emotional, and materialistic aspects of human existence. It places these intricate qualities on a rickety platform of bubbles, highlighting the fissions and inconsistencies that often arise within us. The bubbles serve as a metaphor, signifying that these qualities persistently reappear in different facets of life, whether during times of turbulence or serenity. They symbolize the enduring, cyclical nature of these human characteristics.

Within this intricate narrative, the artist skillfully weaves folk fables and idioms through the depictions of monkeys, swans, and fish. These creatures embody natural instincts, providing a unique lens through which to examine the human condition. Through this painting, the artist seeks to illuminate the essence of ‘humanity,’ capturing the eternal interplay between our spiritual, emotional, and material selves, all set against the backdrop of a world that remains transient and ever-changing.

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Dimensions 72 × 72 in

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