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Soul in Motion

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The painting suggests a captivating interplay between present-day construction and the potential narratives unfolding in the future. The under-construction framework, with pillars, unfinished walls, and scaffolding, serves as a vivid canvas for the ongoing efforts of the workers, weaving a dynamic visual narrative of progress.

Amid the construction activity, a man is depicted having his meal, hinting at a future moment when the construction is completed. A groom is also observed, and his anticipation subtly suggests the convergence of personal milestones. Birds gracefully soar overhead, while individuals engage in various activities like watering a plant, practicing yoga, and taking a bath, delicately conveying aspirations and the promise of future serenity. These aspirations may well be those of the workers, constructing not just for themselves but for others. ‘Soul in Motion’ invites viewers to a contemplative exploration of the intricate dance between current labor and potential outcomes, urging them to delve into the nuanced layers of this evolving narrative. The painting emerges as a powerful testament to the enduring connection between human endeavor and the perpetual motion of progress.

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Sangram Rout






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