Sabir Sardar

Sabir Sardar
Sabir Sardar

Sabir’s abstract landscapes move in the hinges of minimalist moorings. In the sensory works of Sabir, we find more than a thousand journeys. There is a succinct calculation and spontaneity in his work.
Irrespective of the colours he has used in his Yaatra, there is a mad freedom that operates beyond the restraints of his own control. “I create works as I look at the walls in the place where I live,” said Sabir who humbly stated that his inspiration stems from the lesser temporary structures of Mumbai’s slums.
Sabir’s studio is situated under the railway crossing. When asked how the tracks affect his creative surge, he said, “It shakes me, feels like a drop of water falling on a reservoir of stable water. But the railway bridge inspires me to paint. It keeps offering me fresh perspectives.”
Upon questioning, he said his forefathers belonged to West Bengal and his parents settled in Bengalipura, a small pocket of a colony in Mumbai, which lies at the intersection of a railway crossing. So he uses this crossover icon of culture to give full play to his inspirations, both from his origins and his adopted home.


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