Rahul Chauhan

Rahul Chauhan

Interested in researching verbal traditions and writings, exploring myths and social realities, Rahul
explores various instances and reflections through a colourful display of allegories depicted by animal forms. He mostly make figurative works in oil on canvas. His paintings are a cultural experiment which attempt to eternalize certain concepts and ideals narrated in the history of the region. His travels are a search, involving a range of anecdotes and experiences, and in the process he explores these narratives through the visual medium. He would call them ‘cultural impacts’; a constant reaffirming or bridging of notions from the past and present. Looking back, the present appears as a transitory phase in the wide expanse of histories and cultures. He relates his process to his own identity; to the confusions and assimilations between his local tradition, personal history and the globalized and the universal. With innumerable images in the objective external world, there are even more subjective nuances, like innumerable perspectives, visions and inferences in each individual.
His palette usually consists of bright colours which help to negotiate the intensity or gravity of our times by its celebration. The surreal, allegoric narrations in my paintings are interactions with various new spaces which have broadened my vision. With each new work he aims to develop a richer aesthetic which includes various philosophies and ideas he constantly encounters.


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